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bets-guitar-coursesYou may be surprised to find out that you can learn how to play the guitar without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Here, we will provide reviews of online guitar courses, letting you know which ones are good and which are not. Our in-depth reviews will allow you to find all the information you need to choose the right course for you. We recommend reading our complete editorial reviews in order to help you decide which course is right for you.

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Reviews Of The Top Guitar Courses by Category

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar Review

Gibson's ® Learn and Master Guitar

Have you been looking for the best DVD guitar course? Well, your quest has now officially ended with the Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar course. This is one of the most comprehensive video courses that have been launched to help learners in picking up the strings easily.

As I was going through the DVD course, I realized that it was actually like a personal guitar instructor guiding me through the learning process – of course, minus the $50/hour bill and constant hassles of managing schedules. You may say that the course is priced a little higher than many other courses available in this category. However, I can tell you that the valuable course material you get in this program is worth every cent you spend. And, anyways, it costs much lesser than the regular private lessons.

Learn and Master Guitar can actually help a newbie grow up to become an excellent guitarist. The course entails all the details that are essential for learning guitar, including reading music and tablature, strumming, chords, picking, fingering, theory, lead guitar soloing, tapping, ear training, sliding and other such important features.

Jamplay Review


Jamplay has turned out to be one of the most established online video guitar lessons available on the internet today. One of the best programs in this category, Jamplay is a well-designed online guitar website that offers you unlimited access to more than 450 hours of quality video guitar lessons at an unbelievable price.

Jamplay gives you access to several different guitar instructions that offer a wide variety of guitar styles. Of course, these instructions give both a professional and personal touch to the entire learning process. There are lessons for every skill level starting from beginners to more anvanced.

You will be surprised to see the amount of content on the Jamplay website. We were stunned by the vast amount of information that this guitar course offers. Fortunately, the content of the website is very well organized and is easy to navigate. This will make your site search far more convenient.

Despite the vast lesson library Jamplay owns, they keep adding fresh content and more video guitar lessons to the database on a regular basis. If you want to check out the lessons provided by Jamplay, we encourage you to check out their website for a couple of free video lessons.

Jamorama Review


  • Rating: star4.5 (Editor's Choice for Downloadable courses)
  • Published By: Rock Star Recipes, Ben Edwards
  • Website:
  • Pricing: $49.95
  • For Skill Levels: Beginner, Kids

Jamorama is one of the few guitar lesson that can actually help learners pick up easily all the information you need to play the guitar at a very reasonable price. It is an excellent tool for newbies who need to start from scratch and makes for a perfect beginner's guide.

There are two variations of Jamorama – Jamorama Standard (which we will review here) and Jamorama Deluxe. The standard version contains basic guitar lessons that focus on essential elements like patterns, chords, and strumming and music theory for beginners. The difference between the two is that the deluxe version contains everything that a standard package does, but includes the guitar course "Jamorama Lead Guitar". You can always choose to upgrade from the standard version to the deluxe version at any time. If you prefer hardcopy edition then you'd be happy to find that Jamorama has one feel free to check it out.

Jamorama is developed by Ben Edwards and his team. They have done a marvelous job by creating a unique guide for the entry-level guitarist. This guitar learning product is very easy to use, contains detailed instructions and also is tons of fun.

Guitar Reviews Summary

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Our Editor's Choices: After examining all the products we decided that the Learn and Master Guitar course is our top choice. Learn and Master Guitar is the most complete guitar course on the market today. The price is more expensive than the others but it simply worth every cent you invest. For more details please read our full review of Learn and Master Guitar.

Jamorama is one of the most popular Guitar course on the internet and our number one choice for low-priced and downloadable categories. If you don't want to spend a lot this is going to be your best choice.

Other very important category is the online based lessons where we have the two "titans" Jamplay and Guitar Tricks. It is just incredible the amount of information you get the hundreds of videos created by so many excellent guitar instructors and much more.

Other Products We Reviewed:

The remaining products we reviewed didn't quite make it so far. Some had lack of multimedia elements, poorly put together or missing product guarantee. Our recommendation is to simply skip those products and focus more on the editor's picks.

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